For each contributed talk there is a time slot of 15 minutes (12 for the presentation and 3 for questions and speaker change). 
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Program of the Colloquium 

May 9

9.00 Registration

9.30 Opening of the Colloquium – Brandt, Picano, Tammisola

9.45 I Contributed session – Finite-size particles in fluids 

  •    P. Costa, F. Picano, W.P. Breugem, L. Brandt, “Turbulent channel flow of dense suspensions”
  •    A. Eshghinejadfard, D. Thévenin, “Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of resolved prolate spheroids in turbulent channel flows”
  •    R. Li, W. Huang, C. Xu, “On rotational motion of a finite sized particle in wall turbulence”
  •    A. Howard, M. Maxey, “Particle dispersion and segregation in suspension flows with bidispersed particle sizes
  •    M. Niazi Ardekani, F. Picano, L. Brandt, “Heat transfer in dense suspensions

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 II Contributed session – Fundamental aspects of gas-solid systems

  •    D. Izbassarov, M. E. Rosti, Z. Ge, S. Hormozi, L. Brandt, O. Tammisola, “Computational modeling of multiphase elastoviscoplastic flows
  •    P. Gualtieri, F. Battista, J.-P. Mollicone, C. M. Casciola, “Wall turbulence modulation as predicted by the Exact Regularised Point Particle method
  •    L. Brandt, M. Niazi Ardekani et al., “Spheroidal particles in turbulent channel flow”
  •    F. Battista, P. Gualtieri, J.-P. Mollicone, C. M. Casciola, “Turbulence modulation induced by inertial particles in round jet: Exact Regularized Point Particle method
  •    D. Codoni, M. Golshan, V. Ruggiero, M. Iovieno, M. Vanni, D. Tordella, “Water droplets simulation in a warm cloud-like ambient
  •    J. Bec, F. Laenen, S. Musacchio, “Small-scale energy transfers in two-way coupled heavy particle suspensions

13.00 Lunch at the Canteen 

14.00 I Invited Lecture - Prof. Jochen Fröhlich, "Simulations of bubbly flows with the immersed boundary method"

15.00 III Contributed session – Three-phase flows

  •    L. Botto, C. Gu, “3-phase flows with particles: the FIPI method for the fast simulation of particle-drop and particle-bubble interactions
  •    J.-P. Mollicone, F. Battista, P. Gualtieri, C. M. Casciola, “Turbulent transport of micro-bubbles and micro-particles in complex geometries
  •    T. Xavier, D. Zuzio, P. Trontin, J.-L. Estivalezes, “Direct numerical simulation of drop impacts on a solid surface
  •    L. Kahouadji, S. Shin, J. Chergui, D. Juric, R. V. Craster, O. K. Matar, “CODE BLUE: A Massive parallel solver for three dimensional direct numerical simulation of multiphase flows

16.00 Coffee break

16.30 IV Contributed session – Modeling of gas-solid system

  •  A. S. Kannan, V. Nasarentin, A. Mark, D. Maggiolo, G. Sardina, S. Sasic, H. Ström, “A novel multiphase DNS framework for the simulation of rarefied particulate flows
  • N. E. L. Haugen, E. Karchnivy, T. Lœvås, “The effect of turbulence on the mass transfer to heterogeneously reacting particles
  • M. Gorokhovski, A. Barge, “Statistical physics of heavy particles acceleration in a high Reynolds number shear flow: assessment of two different approaches for subgrid scale modelling   
  • J.-L. Pierson, F. Auguste, A. Hammouti, A. Wachs, “Flow past a short-yawed cylinder using a fictitious domain method

17.30 Closing of first day 


May 10

9.00  V Contributed session – Bubbly flows 

  •    W.-P. Breugem, H. Nemati, B. J. Boersma, “Direct numerical simulation of turbulent bubbly downflow with a coupled level-set/volume-of-fluid method”
  •    K. Kim, H.Choi, “Effect of the bubble volume fraction on the heat transfer of the turbulent bubbly flow
  •    M. Gallo, F. Magaletti, C. M. Casciola, “Phase Field/Fluctuating Hydrodynamics approach for bubble nucleation
  •    T. Ma, D. Lukas, S. Jakirlic, J. Fröhlich “Progress in the second-moment closure for bubbly flow based on DNS data
  •    Z. Zhang, R. Zamansky, D. Legendre “Sub-grid stochastic modeling for bubbles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence
  •    J. Zhang, L. Chen, M. Ni “What happens to the vortex structures when a rising bubble transits from zigzag to spiral, and how to control the transition

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 VI Contributed session – Liquid-liquid systems

  •    G. Soligo, A. Roccon, A. Soldati ”Phase Field Method to predict coalescence of clean and surfactant-laden droplets
  •    J. Chang, K. Kim, H. Choi “Breakup and coalescence of binary droplet collision
  •    A. M. Ardekani, G. Li, “Collective motion of microorganisms in complex fluids”
  •    A. Kajzer, J. Pozorski, “Two-phase flow modelling with diffused interface methods in artificial compressibility approach
  •    A. Roccon, F. Zonta, A. Soldati, “Breakup and coalescence of large drops in bounded turbulence: Effect of liquid-liquid viscosity ratio
  •    C. S. Ng, V. Spandan, D. Lohse, R. Verzicco, ”Heat transport in numerical two-phase vertical natural convection using an Euler–Lagrange approach

12.30 Lunch at the Canteen 

13.30 II  Invited Lecture  - Prof. Christian Poelma - "Unveiling Opaque Flows - what can we expect from experiments in densely-laden flows?"

14.30 VII Contributed session – Numerical vs experimental findings in multiphase flows

  •    H. T. Kazerooni, P. Brockmann, L. Brandt, J. Hussong, ”Numerical and experimental investigation of semi-dilute suspensions
  •    M. Leskovec, F. Lundell, “Experiments and simulations - are we comparing the same thing?
  •    S. Chen, B. L. White, “Experimental observations of aggregate particle dynamics in oscillating grid turbulence
  •    S. Zade, P. Costa, W. Fornari, F. Lundell, L. Brandt, ”Suspensions of finite-size spheres in turbulent square duct flow: an experimental study

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 VIII Contributed session – Deformable particles in fluids

  •    C. Henry, J. Bec, “Flexible particles in turbulent flows
  •    D. Dotto, C. Marchioli, “Dynamics of flexible fibers in turbulent channel flow
  •    A. Mazzino, M. E. Rosti, A. Alizad, L. Brandt, “Dynamics of a flexible fiber in fully developed turbulence
  •    K. Karpinska, B. Rosa, S. Malinowski, “Influence of gravity on clustering mechanisms in DNS of heavy, inertial particles in turbulent flow

17.00 Closing of second day

19.30 Social dinner in Venice


May 11

9.00 III Invited Lecture - Prof. Sebastien Tanguy "A numerical investigation on the interaction between an external flow and liquid-vapor phase change"

10.00  IX Contributed session – Complex multiphase systems

  •    S. Dabiri, S. K. Kim “Time evolution of the eccentricity in compound drops in shear flows
  •    G. D’Avino, F. Del Giudice, F. Greco, P. L. Maffettone, “Numerical simulations of viscoelasticity-induced ordering of particles in a straight microfluidic channel
  •    B. Lambert, M. Bergmann, L. Weynans, “Local Lubrication Model for Ellipsoidal Particles within an Incompressible Navier-Stokes Flow"

10.45 Coffee Break

11.15 X Contributed session – Non-isothermal solid-fluid systems

  •    M. Belot, G. Vinay, Q. Falcoz, A. Toutant, “Study of heat transfer in PCM particle beds for heat storage applications
  •    F. Alouges, M. Aussal, A. Lefebvre-Lebot, F. Pigeounneau, A. Sellier, “Simulation of Stokes flows with solid particles using the Sparse Cardinal Sine Decomposition (SCSD)
  •    J. Kim, “Numerical investigation of drag characteristics of spherical particles under non-isothermal conditions” 

12.00 Discussion on “Perspectives on Multiphase flow research” coordinated by prof. A. Soldati

12.45 Closing of the Colloquium

13.00 Lunch at the Canteen